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Anipal Interview #1

Special Note: Crystal the Cat has crossed the Rainbow Bridge since this interview was given. She will be missed, but she’ll forever be with all of us.

I’m just quaking with excitement to bring the FIRST EVER Anipal Interview.  Today, we’re talking to Crystal, who rules over the human Debra Martin and two other cats, Peanut the Scaredy Cat (hey, the Cat said that, not me!) and a non Norwegian speaking Norwegian Forest Cat named Isabelle.

Interview with Crystal the Cat, who owns author Debra Martin

Me: So, tell me about yourselves.  Are you all related, or from different litters? How did you find your human, or did she find you?

Crystal the Cat

I am Crystal, and I own an Author.

Crystal: My name is Crystal and I’m the queen bee of this household.  Being 12 years old gives you a lot of clout and being a beautiful long-haired gray tabby makes me irresistible to humans.  My human found us on her back deck one day when I was 7 weeks old and voila! We are part of the family.  I told you I was irresistible.

I have 1 littermate sister with me, Peanut, but she is a scaredy-cat.  I can’t really blame her though because at one point, the cat from hell lived with us.  I’m not kidding.  Lily was vicious and thought she was going to take over, but I soon put in her place.  Unfortunately, she chose Peanut to lash out at and to this day, she is very shy.  I give her kisses every night at dinnertime because that’s the kind of sister I am.

Isabelle the Cat

I have one more “sister,” a 3 year-old whipper-snapper named Isabelle.  I heard my human call her a Norwegian Forest Cat, but I haven’t heard her speak any Norwegian yet.  I guess she’s OK until she thinks she going to sit on my human’s lap.  Then, I spring into action.  Well, not really spring – who springs anymore?  I learned long ago that the lap will still be there even without the springing part.

Me: Your human writes science fiction books with another human, I see. Why two of them?   Are there any parrots in these books?  How about cats?   Other anipals? When she’s completely engrossed in her work at the computer, does she ignore your repeated pleas for food or scritches or playtime?

Crystal: I keep trying to give my human hints about putting kitties in the books.  Come on, who doesn’t love a sweet loveable cat in the story?  So far though, no luck.  There’s no cats, or even parrots in the books.  That other human she writes with lives in the computer.  I see him talking to my human and all they do is talk about outlines, plot points, conflicts, blah, blah, blah.  I don’t care for their blathering and especially because that means I get no lap time.  Harrumph….what’s up with that?  I must have my lap time or I’m a very cranky kitty and I let my human know it.  I think she takes my unhappiness and uses it as a basis for one of her characters, but do I get any credit? Nope, but I do get more head scratches so I guess it’s a tolerable trade-off.  I think I’m affecting my human subconsciously though because my name is in the title of the second book.  I don’t care what they say is the reason they chose that title, I know it’s a tribute to me.

And do you like these stories? What are they about?

Crystal: I heard my human talking to the computer with that other human so many times about my namesake book that I could repeat the description in my sleep.  As many times as I’ve tried to influence her though, there’s still no kitties in the book. Even without any anipals, it does sound like an exciting read. There are these twins from this planet Otharia, named Darius and Dyla. And they sneak off to Earth, which is a bad thing, since they’re not allowed to go there. But when they get there they find out about diamond smugglers and then they’re in even bigger trouble, because now people are trying to assassinate them.

Me: What do you all do to remind her you’re still alive and that YOU should be the most important thing in her life instead of the computer?

Crystal: My human was at home for three months recently and I had a lot of lap time even when she was trying to work on her laptop.  I meowed, “What’s more important?  Some stupid writing or me getting my daily lovings?”  I guess we know which way that went as I happily settled on her lap.  I’m pretty proud of my human sometimes – she has learned to type around me now.  Like I said before, I’m the queen bee around here.

All in all Apple, I’d have to say that these humans are OK.  They do remember to change my litter box often and when I look at them with my beautiful green eyes and softly mew, I get a treat.  How cool is that?  Yes, humans aren’t very smart creatures, but they do serve their purpose. Now if I could just get my human to include me, or even a parrot, in one of those stories she writes, then the world would be perfect.

The book Crystal's human wrote

Me: Well, there you have it, straight from the furry whiskers of Crystal the Cat. Her human, Debra Martin, writes science fiction books (so does my human) without parrots and cats in them, but they’re probably still pretty good anyway. So the humans reading this should really go check them out! You can visit Crystal’s human at her blog: Two Ends of the Pen, and take a peek at the book that has Crystal’s name in the title by clicking the link on the left.

Crystal seemed  like a good sport. I mean, it’s amazing to find a cat that can write such excellent human English!  Of course I expect that from an Anipal with a human author as a companion, but with all the funny talking and spelling anipals out there on the Internet, I was a little bit concerned.  And, she didn’t try to eat me even once. Well, of COURSE we didn’t do our interview in person, but I can usually tell when someone wants to eat me by the way they write.  So, until she shows me the hardware, I’ll say Crystal’s a pretty good egg. Er, cat.

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  1. December 23, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Great interview Apple! I really enjoyed learning about Crystal and her human, Debra!

  2. Ryl
    December 24, 2010 at 7:52 am

    Fantastic interview, Apple! I’m looking forward to getting to know more anipals. :)

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